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Madrone Dining Set
Claro Walnut Sideboard

Every piece of furniture from Kochlacs Wood comes with a story. This story takes root in the Oaks, Walnuts, Cyprus, Madrone, and Redwoods that have towered over us, soaking in the California sun for a lifetime. These trees have personality and beauty that only comes with age and are cut only when the tree is considered a threat to its surroundings or has succumbed to disease does it begin its second life in our homes and businesses.


Kochlacs Wood is a producer of salvaged lumber and furniture run by Joey Kochlacs. Milling urban trees ensures the wood doesn't end up chipped or in a landfill. Kochlacs Wood shirts read "Santa Cruz Urban Wood" on the front to attract awareness to the lumber source. It is estimated that 3.8 billion board feet of urban timber is burned or otherwise wasted per year in the US alone. In addition to urban trees, Kochlacs Wood mills windfall trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains. By controlling the process from tree to finished product, Joey can assure that the process is fully sustainable and retains the amazing quality that the wood produces naturally. Each piece is as unique as the tree it came from and the skill of the craftsman ensures that the beauty is enduring.


Kochlacs Wood allows customers fully custom furnishings through picking the specific slabs, injecting their own style into the process, and allowing the craftsman to tailor the piece to its final setting. 

Writeup by Scott Bauhs

Professional Photography by Paul Schraub and Ron Jones

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